Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding, an enchanting day as unique and special as the couple uniting. The day where two lives come together in the presence of those most cherished to embark on a journey together towards life, more beautiful. Our primary objective at From This Day Forward is to allow the fantasy wedding day to become a reality. Our unmatched dedication, care and attention to detail allow our couples to relax and enjoy the magic of the day free from the usual stresses that all too often detract from this monumental event. We understand that each union is unique, and devote every effort to create a wedding experience that reflects the individual essence and wishes of each couple. We deliver on this promise through communication and listening so that your wedding day is exactly what you want it to be.

We also firmly believe that the dream wedding should be relaxed, enjoyable, and affordable, which is why we do not factor the element of emotion into our pricing structure. While we focus on affordability, we do not compromise on quality, or quality of experience.

Our approach and range of services offers the convenience of hosting both the ceremony and reception all in one stunning location. We have an in-house, licensed officiant who can perform all types of customized ceremonies including civil, religious, spiritual and same sex. Our experienced and professional team create a customized atmosphere of elegance and class, while diligently tending to all the fine details so that you are free to get caught up in the bliss of this extraordinary day.

Our newly renovated venue in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core is the ideal setting for weddings of 2-48 people. The venue features gorgeous stone work, beautiful lighting, a luxurious and spacious bridal suite, rare and exclusive photo opportunities, and contemporary furniture (including the popular Chiavari chairs). For all your wedding day needs we have the solution.

Life is a journey, and marrying the one you love will make that journey more beautiful!

Together From This Day Forward.